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Managing to Succeed

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Attendees can take advantage of the IndustriusCFO tool to help businesses analyze their financial performance. Using data from 2-3 years of your business tax returns, the IndustriusCFO platform can deliver a wide range of business analytics, key performance indicators, reports and practical recommendations

  • Review ROI, sales per employee, profit margins of the top 10%, top 25% and more to identify areas of concern and opportunity.
  • Examine “what if” scenarios and P&L impact of reducing costs or adding revenue.
  • Take advantage of the system’s comprehensive industry peer benchmarking capabilities
  • We recommend that you work with SBDC prior to series start so YOUR business analysis can be used during sessions!

SESSION 1 Sept 26th – Driving Sales Growth and Managing Costs

Frank DeSantis and Robert Hackman

Introduction to different ways of driving revenue growth – from pricing to effective sales and product line management. This session will also outline different factors that business owners should consider to control variable and fixed costs.

SESSION 2 Oct 3rd – Managing Assets and Liabilities

Alejandro Castellote and Amit Sachdeva

A business’ current assets and liabilities have a major impact on future cash flow and value generation. Current assets (inventories, account receivables, etc.) can be a good source of cash. Current liabilities (account payables, provisions, accrued expenses, etc.) can impact cash flow. This session will outline different considerations pertaining to a firm’s balance sheet.

SESSION 3 Oct 10th – Managing Business Investments and Taxes

Charles Welde and Amit Sharma

Every business needs investments to drive value growth. Businesses invest part of their earnings in property, plant, equipment, or product/service development. This session will provide practical tools to make smarter decisions about investments. We will also talk about key considerations around taxes.

SESSION 4 Oct 17th – Managing Market & Regulatory Factors for Growth

Frank DeSantis

Once you are in business, retaining customers by managing their expectations is critical in driving value growth. Similarly, keeping track of regulations that impact your business is imperative to business success. This session will outline the importance of understanding customers’ needs, regulatory factors, competition, market trends, and product innovation to drive growth.

SESSION 5 Oct 24th – Leadership & Human Resource Management

Ellyn Herbert and Kevin Fasic

As business owners, you are the leader, coach, and mentor for all your employees. Your business’ success and growth depend on the development and growth of your employees. In this session, you will understand the fundamental values required in a successful coach, laws and regulations governing employee hiring, development, retention and the importance of company values.

SESSION 6 Oct 30th – Financial Management & Tools

Sherwood Robbins and Lisa Kirkwood

Maximizing a business’ value also depends on the structure of financing – equity versus debt – that business owners choose. In this session, you will learn about the importance of selecting the right financing structure based on the nature of your business. We will also showcase various software tools that small business owners can use to manage their finances.

Managing To Succeed Partners

This series is made possible by the donation of time, talent and resources of a partnership working together to support economic development and small business.

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